Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hey guys!  I've gone through about four or five manicures in the past couple of weeks.  I already posted the Nailtini mani yesterday, so here's the two Julep polishes I received earlier this month and the All Kendall-ed Up I got at ULTA!  Disclaimer:  I do not claim to be a professional manicurist and most of these were taken after a couple of days of wear without any touch up on the tips!  But you get the idea here!

Julep Viola

This first color is Julep Viola.  Their website describes Viola as a deepest dark purple creme.  I'm all for blackened polishes, but this one just looked too black for me.  I think I was expecting an inky purple or eggplant, but this just looked black to the naked eye.  Meh.

Julep Eva was a little more like something I would usually wear.  I can't remember the description on the Julep site because it looks like they have substituted this one with a coral polish since I ordered this.  The pink does not look as coral as it appears in these photos.  The color was pretty, but not remarkable.  I thought the formula was a little sticky, especially on the second coat, but these Julep polishes do last forever once they're on.  I had to remove a lot of polish when I was ready to change colors.

Julep Eva
So far, I'm not blown away by the Julep polishes, but the novelty of receiving these in the mail has not worn off.  I'm pumped about the December box, which is going to have an emerald green with gold shimmer, a copper full coverage glitter, and I added a champagne gold glitter that reminds me of champagne bubbles!  And we are getting a warming foot scrub, which I think will be lovely.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I do LOVE the lavender cuticle oil I got in the Bombshell intro box.  It really does help my dry cuticles and soaks in quickly!  And I love lavender!
You might remember that I also picked up Nicole by OPI All Kendall-ed Up at ULTA last week for $3.99.  This is probably my third or fourth pink creme, but I liked it much better than the Julep Eva.  Again, the color photographed more coral than it is in person.  This is like a Barbie pink that I like to say jumps off the nail.  It's so bright, but not in a neon way.  A good find, considering I really only bought it because I'm obsessed with buying things with my name on them!

I was sad to take this one off.  This is the perfect pink for my skin tone.  Brights seem to be really popular this season, so I will wear this one again before summer!

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