Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Champagne Wishes and Fatkini Dreams!

Now that Christmas is over, I am so antsy for spring and summer to arrive!  While everyone else is coming up with a game plan to get their best swimsuit figure, I have been stalking all my favorite websites to see what they have to offer this year in plus sized swimwear.  This is the first New Year in a long time that I haven't been trying to lose weight!  I actually don't hate the way I look or feel in a swimsuit, and I am sort of thinking about getting a fatkini for the first time.  Maybe.  Still can't decide if I'm brave enough.
Everything in this collage is from Simply Be, except for the coral in the top right corner is from Monif C.  There are also more colors available in the Monif C.
It's still early, and there will be more fatkinis to choose from, but I'm really liking the retro and nautical looking sets from Simply Be.  And, oh my gosh, the chevron striped two piece reminds me of the bathing suit that the first Barbie wore!  I also like the coverage of the Monif C. high waisted brief, and the top has underwire, too!  Of course, that suit costs A LOT more, but I think it would be worth it if I felt really good in it. 

I also found some cute one pieces that I would wear if I chicken out on the fatkini thing, which I probably will.    

Top left:  Torrid
Top right:  ModCloth (more colors available)
Bottom left and right:  Old Navy
Are you thinking about your swimsuit yet?  Am I crazy for wanting a fatkini this year?  Do you find the word "fatkini" to be jarring?  Tell me what you think!

See you next time! 

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