Sunday, April 28, 2013

Textured Polishes Swatch-O-Rama!

Hey guys!  A friend of mine asked me to swatch Julep Jill from the latest mystery box.  I have that swatch for you today, along with some other swatches of the Mariah Carey for OPI Liquid Sand collection that I have been meaning to post.  Enjoy!

Julep Jill.
Julep Jill is a "smoked beige Sea Salt Finish."  These textured polishes are SUPER popular right now; even a few drugstore brands are coming out with their own versions.  Other reviewers say Jill looks like wet cement.  I agree that Jill dries more grey than beige, but as far as the finish, I think Julep's version performs just as well as others that I have seen.  There is no glitter or shimmer in this one.

Julep Jill swatched.

I already wore Stay the Night and did some horrible swatches in February with top coat.  Here are the other three shades: The Impossible, Can't Let Go, and Get Your Number.

OPI's The Impossible, Stay the Night, Can't Let Go, and Get Your Number.
The Impossible was the worst out of the four Liquid Sands, and was a complete pain in the ass to apply.  There are huge holographic stars in The Impossible.  The problem wasn't that I couldn't get them on the brush, but that they are pointy and curl up because there is no top coat.  I think you can see some patches where they came off in the photo below.  Also, the color was the sheer and looked more jelly.  Not a good formula at all.  I suppose you could say the formula was... impossible.  Ha ha.

The Impossible.  I took this in the car because I forgot to do a bottle shot and was about to pick blueberries.  Oops.
Can't Let Go is a blurple with different sizes of purple hex glitter.  The color leans more purple than blue, like in the photo with no flash.  Formula was good; no chips for four days and just a little tip wear.  It is important to apply thin coats and let these dry completely in order for them to look right and last!

Can't Let Go, no flash.
Can't Let Go with flash.
My favorite Liquid Sand is Get Your Number because it has super chunky holographic glitter.  Get Your Number also looks the most "sugary" out of the four.

Get Your Number.
The combination of the colorful glitter and the teal sandy finish makes Get Your Number look kind of outer spacey too!  Lots of compliments on this one.  The glitter poking through the blue looks awesome in person.

Blurry Get Your Number for added glitter effect!
Well, that's all for now, but WAIT.  Look what I got yesterday:

Jinx, Pussy Galore, Tiffany Case, and Solitaire.
Above left to right is Jinx, Pussy Galore, Tiffany Case, and Solitaire from the new OPI Bond Girls collection!  Swatches to come soon.  I hope.
See you next time!

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