Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NOTD: SinfulShine by SinfulColors 'Come Hither'

Hi there!  Today I am showing you Come Hither, from my Influenster Sunkissed VoxBoxCome Hither is a bright pink crème from SinfulColors' new line, SinfulShine.  SinfulShine With Gel Tech includes 32 shades that are sold exclusively at Walgreens for a limited time only.  These retail for $2.99, about a dollar more than SinfulColors, but I imagine these will go on sale often as the SinfulColors are on BOGO all the time!  Come Hither was absolutely free for me because it was provided by Influenster for me to try. 
SinfulShine by SinfulColors in Come Hither.
According to their website, SinfulShine with Gel Tech is "5x more glossy than a patent leather shoe."  And there's a little asterisk with a footnote that tells us some kind of study was done.  I didn't have a patent shoe on hand to compare the glossiness of this polish (because that's weird), but I did like this formula for the price.  I wouldn't have picked Come Hither for myself, only because it's not very unique to me, but there are a handful of colors in this collection I wouldn't mind having.  It appears that almost all shades except one of them, Amazonian, are crèmes.  So you may not find something here for you if you are not a fan of crèmes.  But I love a good glossy crème, don't you?    

See you next time!

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