Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BaubleBar July Monthly Makeover!

Hi there!  I got FOUR packages in the mail the other day.  FOUR!  Best mail day ever!  I don't have time to share everything right now, but I do want to share my thoughts on the BaubleBar Monthly Makeover box!  Um, I took a lot of pictures of this one. 
I love pretty packaging!

The Monthly Makeover box from BaubleBar costs $44 and is a one time charge.  You aren't automatically charged every month like normal subscription boxes; you have to purchase the box each month on BaubleBar's website.  This box was purchased by me! 
Everything's wrapped individually!
This box promised at least an $80 value and came with a statement necklace (you choose the color), a mystery bracelet, a full size Rescue Hair Serum, Polette sunglasses, and a BaubleBar travel pouch.
I studied this note for a while trying to figure out if it was handwritten.  I think it is.
I chose the aqua statement necklace.  It came in a lovely BaubleBar pouch!  My first impression of the necklace is that the chain is too short.  It fits me, but I would like for it to be a little longer!  I'll show you a picture of me with it on later.

Aqua statement necklace.
My mystery bracelet also came with a BaubleBar pouch to keep it in!  I got a gunmetal grey pave accent bracelet.  I wouldn't have picked this out myself, but I will wear it because I actually needed a gunmetal grey bracelet to match some other jewelry I have!
Mystery bracelet with pouch.
This bracelet was also a little snug when I first tried it on.  But I wore it to work yesterday, and it loosened up a bit, so I think I can make it work!
 Does this bracelet make me look fat?
When I purchased this box, I knew that the sunglasses were going to be useless to me because I absolutely have to wear prescription lenses.  I guess I just really like blowing money on stuff I won't use.  (Yeah, that sounds about right!)  But I didn't expect to enjoy these Polette frames so much!  I totally thought they were going to be silly, and they kind of are, but I look ADORABLE in them.  I think.  I mean I can't see myself when I have them on.  Of course, I am saving my modeling picture until the end of this blog.     
Polette eyewear from Paris!  (See the cute cleaning cloth that came with them?)
I haven't tried the Rescue Hair Serum yet, and I don't have a photo of the bottle to show you because I opened it and spilled it all over myself so I had to put it on my bathroom counter where it was safe.  It did pass the smell test, though.  I've been experimenting with some different oils this summer, so I think I will like this!
Empty Rescue Hair Serum box.
Um, I don't have much to say about the BaubleBar pouch.  It's cute.  Scroll for a picture. 
BaubleBar travel pouch.
Okay, so I took these pictures when I was still drinking my coffee, so they are a little rough!  Like, pre washed face and hair kind of rough.  Enjoy! 
What statement am I making with this statement necklace?  Ha ha.
After I took this posed for this picture with the Polette glasses, I looked for my real glasses for about ten minutes.  Because I am blind.  Was it worth it?  Yeeessss.

I can't see a DAMN thing!
Overall, I had a lot of fun with the BaubleBar Monthly Makeover box, even though it was $44.  I won't get it every month, but I will check on it from month to month to see what kind of fun stuff they are featuring.  I've already worn both of the jewelry pieces to work, but I am still going to look for an extender for the necklace.  And really, if you shop in department stores, a huge statement necklace like the one I got is going to start at a minimum of $25, so it's not a bad deal!  A box like this would be a great gift for someone who likes costume jewelry, like me.  Also, the attention to detail in this box (handwritten note, individual jewelry pouches, etc.) was impressive.   Here is a breakdown of the items, and links to wear you can find them:  
  • Aqua Statement Necklace.  I don't think this is available separately from the box right now, but based on other necklaces on BaubleBar's website, I will estimate this is worth $34.
  • Grey Pave Accent Bracelet.  This also isn't available anymore, but based on similar bracelets on BaubleBar's site, I estimate this would retail for $24.
  • Polette sunglasses.  This French optical brand ships worldwide for $4.99!  (Really, check out their website; there is some cute shit there.)  Available here for $12.99.
  • Rescue Hair Serum, 4.4 fl oz.  Available here for $50!  WHAAAAAT?  I had no idea it was so expensive until just now.  Kind of wish I hadn't spilled it everywhere.  Oops.
  • BaubleBar travel pouch.  Doesn't appear to be available for separate purchase.  I won't even give it a value since this box is obviously already worth at least $120!  Really, wow.  I think my estimates are fair.  This is a great deal!
I forgot to mention that BaubleBar always has free shipping and returns.  The Monthly Makeover Box, however, is non-refundable, but I did know what the necklace and sunglasses looked like before purchasing, so it's not a complete surprise. 
See you next time!  

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