Friday, December 14, 2012

Julep December Swatches

Hey guys!  Sorry about the blogging break.  I've been super busy!  I've had time to wear all three of the polishes I received in my December Julep Maven box.  Enjoy!

Julep Hilary
Julep Hilary is described as a "full coverage copper multidimensional glitter" on the Julep website.  This is three coats here.  I got almost full coverage with Hilary, but the color was still "meh" to me.  There is a weird grey jelly base to this one.  You can see it best on my index finger in this picture.  I just don't care for this one, but did get a compliment at work!

Julep Vivien

Julep describes Vivien as a "full coverage multidimensional gold glitter.  I don't think that is an accurate description, though.  Vivien is the extra polish that I added on to my box.  I saw this in Sephora before I received it and thought I wouldn't like it, but this color is really stunning on the nail!  The gold glitter is not multidimensional, however there is an awesome silver micro shimmer base that makes your fingertips look gilded!

Julep Cindy
Julep describes Cindy as an "emerald green with gold micro-glitter metallic" polish.  This was a fun color to wear!  I ran out of base coat when I tried this one, so there are quite a bit of ridges and bumps in my nail.  I used two coats of Cindy here, but I think I could've used one more.  But besides user error, I think this polish is so festive!  I felt like I had Christmas tree hands when I wore this one.  And I mean that in a good way.  I like this blurry picture because it catches some of the gold in Cindy (look at the pinkie nail).  I swear I can see some other colors in the glitter, but I may just be imagining it.  Anyways, this color was very bright and glistens when you look at it under light.  Very appropriate for the season!

See you next time!

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